Discover the exquisite taste of General Victoria

the mezcal that will transport you to the essence of Mexico!


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Mezcal General Victoria
Mezcal General Victoria

Are you looking for an authentic experience that captures the richness and tradition of Mexican culture? General Victoria is the mezcal you’ve been waiting for.

Crafted with passion and care, each bottle of General Victoria is the result of centuries of knowledge passed down through generations.

Our mezcal stands out for its smooth and distinctive flavor, derived from carefully selected agaves grown in the fields of Mexico.

Every sip of General Victoria takes you on a sensory journey that will delight your palate.

At General Victoria, we take pride in preserving the ancestral traditions of mezcal production, using artisanal methods that ensure the quality and authenticity of each bottle.

Each distillation is carried out with mastery and respect for the process, ensuring that every drop of mezcal that reaches your glass is a true liquid gem.